How to Use Scoring and Grading in Pardot

Scoring and grading are key components of any successful lead management strategy, and Pardot provides powerful tools to help you automate this process.

Here are the steps to use scoring and grading in Pardot.

Define your scoring and grading criteria

Scoring and grading criteria should be based on the actions and behaviors of your prospects.

For example, you might assign a higher score to prospects who have filled out a form or attended a webinar, and a lower score to those who have not engaged with your brand.

Set up scoring rules

Pardot’s scoring rules allow you to assign scores to prospects based on specific actions or behaviors.

These rules can be set up for a wide range of activities, such as visiting specific pages on your website, opening an email, or filling out a form.

Create grading rules

Grading rules are used to categorize prospects based on their scores.

You can create custom grading categories, such as “hot”, “warm”, and “cold”, to help prioritize your follow-up efforts.

Automate scoring and grading

Pardot’s automation tools allow you to automate the scoring and grading process.

This saves time and ensures that scores and grades are updated in real-time, allowing you to focus on engaging with your prospects.

Monitor and adjust your rules

Regularly monitor the performance of your scoring and grading rules to see what’s working and what’s not.

Make changes as needed to ensure your rules are aligned with your lead management strategy.

Use scoring and grading to prioritize your follow-up efforts

The scoring and grading information in Pardot can be used to prioritize your follow-up efforts.

For example, you might focus on engaging with your “hot” prospects first and then move on to your “warm” prospects.

Integrate with your CRM

Integrating your Pardot scoring and grading information with your CRM system, such as Salesforce, can help ensure that your sales team has the information they need to effectively engage with your prospects.

Scoring and grading are important tools for managing your lead pipeline and prioritizing your follow-up efforts.

By using Pardot’s scoring and grading features, you can automate this process and make data-driven decisions about your lead management strategy.