Forms page In Pardot

Forms in Pardot are online forms used to capture information from prospects and customers.

They are a crucial part of any marketing automation strategy and can be used to gather information such as name, email address, job title, and more.

In Pardot, forms can be created and customized to match a brand’s specific needs and requirements, including the use of custom fields, progressive profiling, and conditional logic.

Marketers can also use forms to segment prospects based on their responses, allowing them to create targeted campaigns and deliver more relevant content.

Pardot forms can be embedded on a website, landing page, or even within an email, making it easy for prospects to complete and submit the form.

The information captured through forms is automatically added to the prospect’s record within Pardot, providing a complete view of their journey and interactions.

Forms in Pardot are a valuable tool for businesses looking to gather information from prospects and customers.

By providing an easy way to capture information, and integrating with other marketing automation features, forms in Pardot help businesses to create targeted campaigns, deliver relevant content, and drive business growth.