Users page in Pardot

In Pardot, users refer to the individuals who have been granted access to the Pardot platform. Users can include marketing, sales, and administrative staff who need access to the platform to perform their jobs.

Users can be assigned different levels of access and permissions in Pardot, based on their role and responsibilities. For example, some users may have access to create and manage marketing campaigns, while others may only have access to view data.

Pardot allows administrators to manage users by creating user accounts, assigning roles and permissions, and managing user access. This helps ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data and that each user has the necessary level of access to perform their job.

In Pardot, users can be viewed and managed from the “Users” section of the platform. The information about users, such as their role, permissions, and last login date, can be used to manage user access and to ensure the security of the Pardot platform.